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London, British Library, mss. Add. 28822, Add. 36749

Manuscript Pages

Additional Information

  • Acquired: given by another donor
  • Film: 35mm Black-and-white Negative


This seems originally to have been three films, at some time spliced together into one: the photos of BM Add. 28822; those of 36749; and the photos redone of 36749.

Original box (with mistake; the second should read “28822”):

London. British Museum
Cod. Add. 36749
fols. 135-233
Cod. Add. 28842

Library label (photo, first frame on film, before BM Add. 28822):

British Museum
Deptartment: MSS
Catalogue: ADD 28822 Order: P13409
Title: Canones Ecclesiastici Græce

Library label (first photo before Add. 36749):

COPY [followed by signature we can’t make out; perhaps Hamill]
6703 2/11/53 for Basil Laourdas
Add. MS. 36749 page 222 is out of focus
page 230 is missing
Please retake and ship to us
position of the material: [a drawing follows, resembling microfilm]

Library label (second photo before BM Add. 36749, fols. 219v-224r, 227v-229r, 230v-232r):

Title: Epistles + Poems of St. Gregory Nazianzenus – folios 222 + 230

Label (photo after the above):

British Museum
Reel 765

University Microfilm (Ann Arbor) label (after the preceeding and a blank space):

Title: [blank]
Pages 135-233
Library Reference: Add. Ms. 36749
Approximate Reduction Ratio: 9
Order Number: 6703

Old D.O. Acquisitions Catalogue (hardcopy, typed, for 1950-1967, p. 7 of “Microfilms”) has the following:

March 20, 1953
London. British Museum
Add. 36749 (Part containing early 10th c. letters, totalling 100 exp.)
(This was ordered by Mr. Laourdas through University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, Michigan, and later turned over to D.O. through Professor Friend.)

Add. 36749, fols. 134v-234r: some slight fading, but mostly quite legible. Α few pages blurry; most retaken as indicated above. Distortion at the top of some pages seems to be water-damage on the ms. itself.