London, British Library, ms. Add. 22912

Manuscript Pages

Additional Information

  • Acquired: unknown
  • Film: 35mm Black-and-white Negative


On pp. 16-17 (fols. 15v [12v] – 16r [13r], as far as numeration is possible), writing in the gutter is obscured. Otherwise, a generally clean and readable film. There is some small redox (tiny red-orange dots), and scratches down the length of most of the film, but neither affects legibility. There is only one exception to the film’s legibility: after several folios of diagrams, not paginated, are perhaps four pages, given new page-numbers but also variously foliated (the first is given as 108, 139 [or poss. 129] and 127). These include inscriptions from Corinth (Θεοῖς πατρίοις καὶ τῇ πατρίδι – Dijs patrijs et patria; Ἁγία Μαρία Θεοτόκε φύλαξον, &c.;), with discussion; these pages are mostly legible, but less than satisfactory, and the photographers seem to have been aware of this, as there are multiple shots taken.