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Modena, Biblioteca Estense Universitaria, ms. α.O.4.15 (olim III.H.1 [gr. 229])

Additional Information

  • Acquired: donated by the estate of Ihor Ševčenko
  • Film: 35mm Black-and-white Negative


The "O" in the old Modena number may be the number 0 or a capital Greek Omicron; difficult to tell.

38 229 (III H 1, α.O.4.15)
Fols. 57r-286v
Gregory of Nazianenus [sic: lege vel "of Nazianzus" vel "Nazianzen"].
[a Hase dud]

"Dud" is probably the English word /dud/, referring to the film's lamentable condition: badly processed (1959), resulting in large brownish spots throughout that seriously obscure the image. By no means entirely unusable, but perhaps as a supplement to, or supplemented by, another film or manuscript.

#179r (new numbering), photographed twice.