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Norfolk, Holkham Hall, Earls of Leicester Library, mss. Holkham gr. 114 (nunc Bodleian), Holkham gr. 115 (nunc Bodleian), 34, 345

Manuscript Pages

Additional Information

  • Acquired: purchased by library
  • Film: 35mm Color Positive


Original box:

Norfolk, Holkham Hall
Leicester, Earls of.
[In pencil:] Library (Holkham Hall)
Cod. 3 [&] 4 & 34 & 345
Gospel Illuminations

Purchased 11th April, 1961.

The above catalogue-numbers from the Earl of Leicester Library; the Greek ones at least (codd. 3 & 4) and are now respectively Bod. Holkham gr. 114, Bod. Holkham gr. 115 (see descriptions). We don't yet know if the numbers 34 (a missale romanum) and 345 (Livy) have been superseded.

The first frame calls this "A Micro Reproduction issued by Micro Methods Limited" (East Ardsley, Wakefield, now "Microform"). But before each of the two Latin mss. is a frame reading "Color filmstrip by the University Press, Oxford" (who presumably did it on Micro Methods' behalf).

Available on CD-ROM:

Film seems to have been (or meant to be) in color, and different hues are discernable, but either age or bad processing has given the whole a general reddish character. The colors are much better on the website (where available/applicable), but this is certainly legible.