Vatican City, Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, mss. Vat. gr. 749, Vat. gr. 750

Additional Information

  • Acquired: donated by the estate of Ihor Ševčenko
  • Film: 35mm Black-and-white Positive


Note on box:
250 fols. In pts. I, II.
Iob cum catena;
Auctores nominantur: Apollinaris, Basilius, Clemens,
Cyrillus, Didymus, Dionysius Areopagita, Eusebius, Evagrius,
Gregorius Nazianzenus, Gregorius Nyssenus, Iohannes Chrysostomus,
Iulianus, Methodius, Olympiodorus, Origenes, Polychronius, Severus, Theodorus
Mopsuestenus, Theophilus Alexandriae.
Picturae Quinquaginta…Notae Hexaplares

Saec . VIII-IX; 250 fols.
(pt. II is fols. 109r-250r)

48 750
Iob cum catena. Auctorum
Nomina et loci ut in 48 749.
Notae Hexaplares.
Saec. X-XI; 299 folios.


This film consists of three mss., part one and two and The beginning of the second part of 749 is indicated by an identification plate as is the beginning of

The third part of the film (which begins with the identification plate for Vat. gr. 750) is dated to March 25th, 1971.

On the box, Ševčenko's city and ms. code is outlined in red and there is also a red stripe made in marker outlined with blue pen.