Oxford, Bodleian Library, ms. Barocci 217

Manuscript Pages

Additional Information

  • Acquired: purchased by library
  • Film: 35mm Black-and-white Negative


Oxford. Bodleian Library.
Cod. Baroc. 217
fols. 370

1r-396r (370, if it is such, is blank).

Received by D.O. between March, 1950 and Sept., 1951 (old accessions catalogue, p. 1). (Gift of Prof. Laourdas, the editor of Photius' letters? See also manuscript description. His gift of Bod. Laud. gr. 81, however, is acknowledged on the same page of the old catalogue.)

First frame: "Photographic Order No. BP812."

Second frame: "...The Librarian would also be glad to be informed of any work done by scholars on this microfilm. He makes this request because he wishes to possess for the use of scholars full information as possible concerning work on the manuscripts in his care."

Most of the main body very easy to read (though there are some horizontal streaks, esp. pronounced around the 240s, perhaps from an old rubber band), but many of the scholia (esp. at the beginning and end but also later – for example fols. 110sq. or the very full commentaries on fols. 176-178) often extremely obscured. We have replaced some of the old splicings, but some we could not replace without doing further damage to the text.