Oxford, Bodleian Library, ms. Holkham gr. 6

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Additional Information

  • Acquired: unknown
  • Film: 35mm Black-and-white Negative


Fols. 160v-171r

Provenance of film uncertain: we found this without any label and not on a wheel, in the box for OXF.1.12 (Bodl. Laud gr. 26). Perhaps this negative film goes with the positive film OXF.1.2 (Bodl. Holkham 6), though the photography service order numbers from Bodley are different.

First frame: "Photographic Order no. B.P.A.6449."

Main body of the text is easily legible through the work ending on 167v (desinit «Ὅλοις τοῖς αἱρετικοῖς ἀνάθεμα», but from there through the first two thirds of 169v it is much more difficult. From 170r to the end it becomes very easy again.

Many of the marginalia are quite legible, but many are quite obscured.