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Mount Athos, Iveron Monastery, ms. 380

Manuscript Pages

Additional Information

  • Acquired: donated by the estate of L.G. Westerink
  • Film: 35mm Black-and-white Positive


Prof. Westerink notes:
Iviron 380
ff. 36v-45v
Damascenus, log.

Library ID slip:
Monastery: Iviron
Nr. of Lampros:
general 4500
special: 380
number of monastery:441
Language: Greek
Title of Codex: Philosophical Works of John of Damascus
Ff.:292 χαρτ.
Date: 14-15th c.
Date of Taking: 31-7-70

Scratchings (that almost look like poorly -formed letters?) on f. 39r.