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Byzantine Online Exhibits

The Holy Apostles—Visualizing a Lost Monument

Designed to accompany the 2015 Byzantine Studies symposium on the Holy Apostles, this exhibition celebrates the collaborative work intended to reconstruct the now lost church of the Holy Apostles in Constantinople.

A Truthful Record: The Byzantine Institute Films

This online exhibition presents the moving images produced by the Byzantine Institute during its restoration and cleaning activities at the Red Sea Monasteries in Egypt and the Hagia Sophia and Kariye Camii in Istanbul, Turkey.

The Byzantine Emperors on Coins

One hundred twenty-seven coins, one for each Byzantine emperor, plus the few usurpers who struck coins are presented in this exhibition. All the objects have been selected from the Byzantine Coin Collection.

Leaden Gospels

To accompany the 2013 Byzantine Studies symposium, “New Testament in Byzantium,” this exhibition presents and analyzes several of the rare Byzantine lead seals from the collection that depict New Testament narrative scenes and figures.

Nicholas V. Artamonoff Collection

Nicholas V. Artamonoff left behind a collection of at least 1033 photographs, dating from 1930 to 1947, providing a glimpse into the diverse urban environment of Istanbul and western Turkey,

Lasting Impressions: People, Power, Piety

Each lead seal is a small witness to an individual Byzantine and how they chose to present themselves. In exploring what seal owners said about themselves and how designs changed over a millennium, this exhibition evokes the world in which Byzantines, from empresses to bathhouse attendants, lived.