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Further Reading

A selection of books on Margaret Mee, for those who would like to read more.

Mee, Margaret. Flowers of the Amazon Forests: the Botanical Art of Margaret Mee. Kew, England: Woodbridge: Natural Wonders Press in association with the Royal Botanic Gardens, 2006.

Mee, Margaret. Flowers of the Brazilian Forests. London: Tryon Gallery, 1969.

Mee, Margaret. Margaret Mee, in Search of Flowers of the Amazon Forests: Diaries of an English Artist Reveal the Beauty of the Vanishing Rainforest. Edited by Tony Morrison. Suffolk, England: Nonesuch Expeditions, 1988.

Mee, Margaret. Margaret Mee: Return to the Amazon. Edited by Ruth Stiff. London: Stationery Office; Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, 1996.

Mee, Margaret. Margaret Mee: Works on Paper and Printed Books; Including Pieces from the Collections of Laurence Fleming and Margaret & Greville Mee. London: Henry Sotheran, Ltd., 2010.

Mee, Margaret. Margaret Mee: Works on Paper, Books, Artefacts: from the Collection of Margaret and Greville Mee. London: Henry Sotheran Ltd., 2008.

Mee, Margaret. Margaret Mee’s Amazon: Diaries of an Artist Explorer. Kew, England: Woodbridge: Antique Collectors’ Club in association with the Royal Botanic Gardens, 2004.

Smith, Lyman B., and Margaret Mee. The Bromeliads. South Brunswick and New York: A.S. Barnes & Co., 1969.

Stiff, Ruth L. A. Exploratrices intrépides: Margaret Mee, Marianne North: oeuvres des collections des Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. Paris: Mona Bismarck Foundation; Richmond, Surrey: Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew: 2007.