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Robert & Monnoyer: French Botanical Artists of the Seventeenth Century

Through materials from the Rare Book Collection, this exhibition provides illustrations from the leading proponents of two styles of French botanical illustration from the seventeenth century, scientifically focused and decorative.

Nicolas Robert (1614–1685) and Jean Baptiste Monnoyer (1636–1699) were the leading proponents of two parallel styles of botanical illustration that developed in France during the second half of the seventeenth century. Nicolas Robert’s work focused on the scientific aspects of the plant. Monnoyer, on the other hand, was one of the earliest practitioners of the decorative tradition in French flower painting.

This online exhibit was designed to complement and promote a spring 2011 exhibit of materials from the Dumbarton Oaks Rare Book Collection. Linda Lott curated the on-site exhibit. Sarah Burke Cahalan curated the online exhibit, with input and text from Linda Lott.


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