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Dumbarton Oaks Pre-Columbian Symposia and Colloquia
Dumbarton Oaks Conference on Chavín
Elizabeth P. Benson

First published in 1971, the essays in Dumbarton Oaks Conference on Chavín were presented at a conference held at Dumbarton Oaks in October 1968. As the earliest civilization in Andes, Chavín had an undeniable influence on later cultures. Carefully collated and expertly edited by Elizabeth P. Benson, these essays explore ideas regarding the origin, rise, and spread of the Chavín culture throughout Andean South America.

From the Preface:
“The papers in this conference were concerned with the possible origins of Chavín civilization and its spread to other regions. Chavín, the earliest civilization in Peru, with its great ceremonial center in the northern highlands, spread to the north coast and as far south as the Nasca Valley. Its influence is clear, but its origins are unknown, as is the nature of its diffusion. It was as an attempt to expand knowledge of these subjects that we planned this conference.”
—Elizabeth P. Benson and Michael D. Coe