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Dumbarton Oaks Byzantine Symposia and Colloquia

Every year Dumbarton Oaks hosts colloquia and symposia dealing with specific issues in Byzantine Studies. Many of these events result in material that merit in-depth treatment. Books in Dumbarton Oaks Byzantine Symposia and Colloquia provide the considered results. Volumes, which may include authors not involved in the original event, treat a discrete set of questions and issues, and bring scholars from across fields and disciplines into conversation with each other.

Dumbarton Oaks Medieval Humanities

This series of editions, translations, and studies focuses on the Eastern Mediterranean during the Byzantine era through the prism of non-Greek texts. In line with the vision of the founders of Dumbarton Oaks, the series fosters scholarship that connects the Byzantine and medieval humanities.

We welcome proposals, which may be sent to

Dumbarton Oaks Medieval Library (DOML)

Dumbarton Oaks Studies

Books in the series Dumbarton Oaks Studies provide substantial treatments of a major topic in archaeology, art history, history, literature, or thought. Normally substantive, detailed, and cross-disciplinary, these books provide groundbreaking, penetrating scholarship on little-studied subjects in Byzantine Studies. 

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Dumbarton Oaks Texts

Dumbarton Oaks Texts (DOT) is a subset of the international series Corpus Fontium Historiae Byzantinae (CFHB).

Books in this series (Series Washingtonensis) contain previously unedited or inadequately edited Byzantine Greek works of historiography or narrative texts with historical value. DOT volumes include modern critical editions with facing English translation, together with introduction and notes or commentary. 

The Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften has detailed information on the history and organization of the CFHB.

We welcome proposals, which may be sent to . Prospective authors should read the founding guidelines for the series (published 1968) before consulting our traditional resources for authors and editors.

Supplements to Dumbarton Oaks Medieval Library

Volumes in this series provide substantive commentary or context for DOML volumesProposals for new books in this series should be directed to the appropriate DOML editor.