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Graphai: Writings from Byzantium and Its Neighbors

Translations of texts from all periods and genres

Graphai: Writings from Byzantium and Its Neighbors presents texts and translations from the Byzantine world. Ideal for scholars and students, these elegant volumes publish written material never before seen in translation and offer exciting new translations of well-known works. The series encompasses all periods and genres, and is not limited by the political boundaries of the Byzantine Empire.

Works published in Graphai may include any text, manuscript, or collection of texts from the Early to Late Byzantine periods and from any language or culture which had contact with the Byzantine Empire. We welcome submissions of texts or collections of texts translated from Arabic, Armenian, Coptic, Ethiopic, Georgian, Greek, Slavonic, Syriac, or any other relevant language.

Manuscripts considered for the series should offer translations of texts never before translated into English, or those significantly different from previous translations. Any genre is welcome, including canon laws, chronicles, collections of documents, epistles, hagiographies, legal texts, and so on. The presentation may be English only, original language text followed by English translation, or facing page original and translation—whatever serves the reader best in understanding and appreciating the meaning and aesthetics of the original.

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