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Karpos (?) bishop (sixth/seventh century)

Accession number BZS.1947.2.404
Diameter 23 mm
Field diameter 18 mm


Block monogram. Border of dots.

 - κ - ο - π - ρ - υ

Κάρπου (?)


Inscription in three lines. Border of dots.




Κάρπου (?) ἐπισκόπου.

(Seal of) Karpos (?) bishop.


In his unpublished catalogue of the Shaw collection, Laurent reads the obverse name as Πάβλου. However this has two issues: first of all, this would be a strange spelling of Paul, but at least would fit it phonetically. Secondly, he is reading the Latin R as a beta, as is typical orthographically of middle Byzantine seals; however in this period, that would be very strange indeed. The reading chosen here must also be doubted, but at least seems more likely, reading the R as a ligature of a Ρ and a Κ, thus giving the name Karpos. Κάπρου (Kapros) is another possibility.