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The imperial kommerkia of Thrace (747/8?)

Accession number BZS.1951.31.5.1742
Diameter 27 mm
Condition Blank too small for die.
Previous Editions

DO Seals 1, no. 71.16.


Half-length figures of two emperors holding a cross between them. Only the emperor at right is visible; he is bearded and wears chlamys and crown with a cross. The indiction sign: Α. No discernible border.

νδικτιὼν αˊ


Inscription. No visible border.


Τῶν βασιλικῶν κομμερκίων τῆς Θρᾴκης


Ἰνδικτιὼν αˊ.   Τῶν βασιλικῶν κομμερκίων τῆς Θρᾴκης.

Indiction 1.    (Seal of) the imperial kommerkia of Thrace.


The two emperors are undoubtedly Leo III and Constantine V, but, as Constantine is bearded, the seal should date after Constantine became sole emperor in 741 and before the elevation of Leo IV to the throne (17 May 750). This date fits well with what we know of the seals of the imperial kommerkia (they appear in 730) but creates a problem as to the place where the indiction is inscribed: on the present specimen it is placed next to the emperor at l. (as this was done in the years 705-711 and 720-729) and not at the end of the reverse inscription, as should be expected after 730: Zacos-Veglery I/1, 137. A slight revision of the above classification may be in order.