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Theodore eparch (sixth century)

Accession number BZS.1958.106.1558
Diameter 21 mm


Latin block monogram. Wreath border.

d - e - h - o - r - t - u



Monogram with letters above and to l. and cross to r.. Indeterminate border.

α - ε - ο - π - ρ - υ - χ



Theodoru ἐπάρχου.

(Seal of) Theodore eparch.


This billingual seal contains a name in the Latin obverse monogram, and a title in the Greek reverse monogram. The reverse monogram is strange, formed in the shape of a large Χ with the Π hanging above and what appears to be a Ρ on the left (the bar is worn but apparent coming from the loop) in opposition to a cross on the right.