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Theodoulos (seventh century)

Accession number BZS.1958.106.2166
Diameter 27 mm
Field diameter 21 mm


Cruciform invocative monogram (type IX). Wreath border.

Θεοτόκε βοήθει


Monogram with cross jutting from top, between two trees. Wreath border.

δ - ε - θ - λ - ο - υ



Θεοτόκε βοήθει Θεοδούλου.

Theotokos, help Theodoulos.


The reverse monogram is strange; instead of being a cruciform, it has two trees on the sides, and an apparently purely decorational cross attached above. The vowels (if present) must be found within the Θ, as must be the Δ. However, Theodoulos is apparently the most likely--and only--reading.