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A Beautiful Dichotomy

April 12, 2022–March 12, 2023 | Contrasting Pre-Columbian Peruvian Ceramics

“I have practically no Peruvian ceramics, an expression of the work of pre-Columbian artists which I have avoided for fear I should have to build a separate house should I begin to amass examples of that particular expression of art.”

—Robert Woods Bliss, February 10, 1959.

On view beginning April 12, The Museum celebrates cultural philanthropy with the installation of A Beautiful Dichotomy, a selection of Peruvian Pre-Columbian ceramics from a Washington DC private collection. This collection is a promised gift to Dumbarton Oaks that will not only enhance the museum holdings but will belatedly fulfill Robert Bliss’ desire to acquire the finest examples of ceramics from Peru.