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Margaret Mee and the Amazon: Guided School Tour and Ecosystem Workshop

Request a guided school visit to “Margaret Mee: Portraits of Plants” at Dumbarton Oaks by completing the form below.

Students will visit the exhibition Margaret Mee: Portraits of Plants featuring twenty botanical watercolors of Brazilian flora in the Dumbarton Oaks collection by Margaret Mee, a pioneering artist, explorer, and advocate for the Amazon. The exhibition situates Mee within a long tradition of women botanical artists, and contemporary works by local photographer Amy Lamb, Smithsonian scientific illustrator Alice Tangerini, and Indian botanical artist Nirupa Rao. 

After the guided tour, students will participate in a hands-on workshop. Using the Heliconia plant species as case study, students will explore an Amazonian ecosystem and the effects of deforestation in a workshop. Students will construct an ecosystem model, examine the interconnected plant-bird relationship, discuss the impact of deforestation and climate change, and consider how to help protect the Amazon rainforest as youth activists.

Recommended for students 6th–12th grade.

This student program is available from April 1 through May 29, 2020. The guided tour is approximately 40 mins and the workshop is 45 mins. For additional classroom resources, visit the exhibition webpage. Please review the museum and garden rules prior to your visit.

Guided school visits must be submitted at least two weeks in advance of the requested date(s) and are free of cost. School visits are available during the hours of 10:00 am to 12:00 p.m., Tuesday–Friday. Due to gallery and room capacity, school visits are limited to a maximum of 30 students. Large groups will be split into two groups of 15 maximum students. 1 adult chaperone is required for every 10 students.

Guided school visits are based on availability and will be booked in the order in which they are received. Please understand that submitting a tour request form is not confirmation of your reservation.

Tour requests must be submitted by completing the form below. For questions and additional information, please contact

Please note: The museum and workshop room are fully ADA-compliant. The front entrance is accessible by both a ramp and stairs. Accessible restrooms are located in the lower levels and can be reached by elevator.

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Terms and Conditions   All of our students will be escorted by chaperones for the entire duration of their visit to Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Collection and will not be permitted to walk around the museum and garden or leave unescorted. Our group will abide by all museum and garden rules.