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Museum   Wheelchair

The Dumbarton Oaks Museum is accessible. The museum entrance is located on 1703 32nd Street NW, between R and S Streets, one block east of Wisconsin Avenue.

One wheelchair is available on a first-come, first-served basis for the convenience of museum visitors. The wheelchair cannot be taken out of the museum or into the gardens, and no attending staff can be provided; a companion of the visitor must be able to assist, if needed. Additionally, two single light strollers are available on a first-come, first-served basis for the convenience of visitors with small children. Please inquire with staff in the main lobby regarding use of the wheelchair and strollers.

Accessible restrooms are located in the museum lower level and can be reached by elevator.

Please see here for more information about how to plan your visit.



The entrance to the Dumbarton Oaks Gardens is on R Street and 31st Street NW.

In keeping with its topography and historic design, our hillside gardens present several challenges to visitors with limited mobility, including steep inclines, slippery surfaces, loose gravel walkways, staircases, and other impediments.

Visitors with disabilities are encouraged to visit our website prior to arrival, and may prefer to to Visit Virtually, where they can take virtual garden tour and learn more about each section of our Gardens. Visitors may find a topographical map here.

Restrooms for gardens visitors are located in the Orangery. Due to the uneven terrain, these restrooms are not easily accessible to visitors using wheelchairs or with limited mobility. Visitors are welcome to use the accessible restrooms in the museum basement; however, to do so visitors must exit the gardens and enter the museum from the 1703 32nd Street entrance. Please see here for more information about how to plan your visit.


Research Library   Wheelchair

The research library is available to registered users with active library badges, including registered users with disabilities. Advance notice of any accommodations needed is appreciated, so that library staff may provide information about accessible routes and other assistance. There are accessible restrooms in the library. Please refer to the Library Access page for reader eligibility requirements and other information.


Meeting Rooms

During scholarly events (where preregistration is required), some of our meeting spaces in the historic part of the Main House, such as the Founders’ Room and the Music Room, are accessible with some advance preparation. Advance notice (at least 48 hours) is needed in order to make arrangements. Participants in scholarly meetings who have special requirements or may need accommodations should notify the event organizer at the time of registration. Information about upcoming events can be found on our website.

If you have additional inquiries, please call (202) 339-6400 ext. 6401.