You are here:Home/Research/ Library & Archives/ Dumbarton Oaks Archives/ Collections/ Blissiana Files and Artifacts/ Box 1: 96 black-and-white and sepia photographs of the exterior and interiors of Casa Dorinda, Anna and William Henry Bliss’s house in Montecito, California. Some include images of Anna Barnes Bliss. Ca. 1920–1935. (Location: SUA4, Box 053)

Box 1: 96 black-and-white and sepia photographs of the exterior and interiors of Casa Dorinda, Anna and William Henry Bliss’s house in Montecito, California. Some include images of Anna Barnes Bliss. Ca. 1920–1935. (Location: SUA4, Box 053)

Item 1: Casa Dorinda, patio, photograph by Faundlings Photography

AR.PH.Misc.097 AR.PH.Misc.097

Item 2: Casa Dorinda, driveway, photograph by Roger Sturtevant

AR.PH.Misc.098 AR.PH.Misc.098

Item 3: Casa Dorinda, wall of service court, photograph by Oscar Maurer

AR.PH.Misc.100 AR.PH.Misc.100

Item 4: Casa Dorinda, gate leading from garden to terrace steps, photograph by Oscar Maurer

AR.PH.Misc.101 AR.PH.Misc.101

Item 5: Casa Dorinda, landscape, photograph by Oscar Maurer

AR.PH.Misc.102 AR.PH.Misc.102

Item 6: Casa Dorinda, windows with ironwork grilles, photograph by Oscar Maurer

AR.PH.Misc.103 AR.PH.Misc.103

Item 7: Casa Dorinda, outside music room, photograph by Oscar Maurer

AR.PH.Misc.104 AR.PH.Misc.104

Item 8: Casa Dorinda, photograph by Oscar Maurer

AR.PH.Misc.105 AR.PH.Misc.105

Item 9: Casa Dorinda, photograph by Oscar Maurer

AR.PH.Misc.106 AR.PH.Misc.106

Item 10: Casa Dorinda, photograph by Oscar Maurer

AR.PH.Misc.107 AR.PH.Misc.107

Item 11: Casa Dorinda, garden, photograph by Oscar Maurer

AR.PH.Misc.108 AR.PH.Misc.108

Item 12: Casa Dorinda, entrance driveway and front door, photograph by Oscar Maurer

AR.PH.Misc.109 AR.PH.Misc.109

Item 13: Casa Dorinda, photograph by James Walter Collinge

AR.PH.Misc.110 AR.PH.Misc.110

Item 14: Casa Dorinda and Anna Barnes Bliss, dated April 21, 1921

AR.PH.Misc.112.a AR.PH.Misc.112.a

Item 15: Casa Dorinda and Anna Barnes Bliss, dated April 21, 1921

AR.PH.Misc.112.b AR.PH.Misc.112.b

Item 16: Casa Dorinda and Anna Barnes Bliss with cat

AR.PH.Misc.113 AR.PH.Misc.113

Item 17: Casa Dorinda

AR.PH.Misc.124 AR.PH.Misc.124

Item 18: Casa Dorinda

AR.PH.Misc.125 AR.PH.Misc.125

Item 19: Casa Dorinda

AR.PH.Misc.126 AR.PH.Misc.126

Item 20: Casa Dorinda

AR.PH.Misc.127 AR.PH.Misc.127

Item 21: Casa Dorinda

AR.PH.Misc.128 AR.PH.Misc.128

Item 22: Casa Dorinda

AR.PH.Misc.129 AR.PH.Misc.129

Item 23: Casa Dorinda

AR.PH.Misc.130 AR.PH.Misc.130

Item 24: Casa Dorinda

AR.PH.Misc.131 AR.PH.Misc.131

Item 25: Casa Dorinda, patio

AR.PH.Misc.132 AR.PH.Misc.132

Item 26: Casa Dorinda, patio

AR.PH.Misc.133 AR.PH.Misc.133

Item 27: Casa Dorinda, corridor

AR.PH.Misc.134 AR.PH.Misc.134

Item 28: Casa Dorinda, corridor

AR.PH.Misc.135 AR.PH.Misc.135

Item 29: Casa Dorinda, bedroom

AR.PH.Misc.136 AR.PH.Misc.136

Item 30: Casa Dorinda, library

AR.PH.Misc.137 AR.PH.Misc.137

Item 31: Casa Dorinda, corridor

AR.PH.Misc.138 AR.PH.Misc.138

Item 32: Casa Dorinda, corridor

AR.PH.Misc.139 AR.PH.Misc.139

Item 33: Casa Dorinda, music room

AR.PH.Misc.140 AR.PH.Misc.140

Item 34: Casa Dorinda, music room

AR.PH.Misc.141 AR.PH.Misc.141

Item 35: Casa Dorinda, music room

AR.PH.Misc.142 AR.PH.Misc.142

Item 36: Casa Dorinda, music room

AR.PH.Misc.143 AR.PH.Misc.143

Item 37: Casa Dorinda, music room

AR.PH.Misc.144 AR.PH.Misc.144

Item 38: Casa Dorinda, music room with Anna Dorinda Barnes Bliss

AR.PH.Misc.145 AR.PH.Misc.145

Item 39: Casa Dorinda, music room

AR.PH.Misc.146 AR.PH.Misc.146

Item 40-42: Casa Dorinda, three views

AR.PH.Misc.150 AR.PH.Misc.150

Item 43-45: Casa Dorinda, three views

AR.PH.Misc.151 AR.PH.Misc.151

Item 46-47: Casa Dorinda, two views

AR.PH.Misc.152 AR.PH.Misc.152

Item 48-49: Casa Dorinda, two views

AR.PH.Misc.153 AR.PH.Misc.153

Item 50-51: Casa Dorinda, two views

AR.PH.Misc.154 AR.PH.Misc.154

Item 52-54: Casa Dorinda, three views

AR.PH.Misc.155 AR.PH.Misc.155

Item 55-56: Casa Dorinda, two views

AR.PH.Misc.156 AR.PH.Misc.156

Item 57: Casa Dorinda and two unidentified women

AR.PH.Misc.157 AR.PH.Misc.157

Item 58: Casa Dorinda

AR.PH.Misc.158 AR.PH.Misc.158

Item 59: Casa Dorinda

AR.PH.Misc.159 AR.PH.Misc.159

Item 60: Casa Dorinda

AR.PH.Misc.160 AR.PH.Misc.160

Item 61: Casa Dorinda

AR.PH.Misc.161 AR.PH.Misc.161

Item 62: Casa Dorinda

AR.PH.Misc.162 AR.PH.Misc.162

Item 63: Casa Dorinda

AR.PH.Misc.163 AR.PH.Misc.163

Item 64: Casa Dorinda

AR.PH.Misc.164 AR.PH.Misc.164

Item 65: Casa Dorinda

AR.PH.Misc.165 AR.PH.Misc.165

Item 66: Casa Dorinda, campanile

AR.PH.Misc.166 AR.PH.Misc.166

Item 67: Casa Dorinda, campanile

AR.PH.Misc.167 AR.PH.Misc.167

Item 68: Casa Dorinda

AR.PH.Misc.168 AR.PH.Misc.168

Item 69: Casa Dorinda

AR.PH.Misc.169 AR.PH.Misc.169

Item 70: Casa Dorinda

AR.PH.Misc.170 AR.PH.Misc.170

Item 71: Casa Dorinda

AR.PH.Misc.171 AR.PH.Misc.171

Item 72: Casa Dorinda

AR.PH.Misc.172 AR.PH.Misc.172

Item 73: Casa Dorinda and Anna Barnes Bliss

AR.PH.Misc.173 AR.PH.Misc.173

Item 74: Casa Dorinda

AR.PH.Misc.174 AR.PH.Misc.174

Item 75: Casa Dorinda

AR.PH.Misc.175 AR.PH.Misc.175

Item 76: Casa Dorinda

AR.PH.Misc.176 AR.PH.Misc.176

Item 77: Casa Dorinda

AR.PH.Misc.183 AR.PH.Misc.183

Item 78: Casa Dorinda

AR.PH.Misc.184 AR.PH.Misc.184

Item 79: Casa Dorinda

AR.PH.Misc.185 AR.PH.Misc.185

Item 80: Casa Dorinda

AR.PH.Misc.186 AR.PH.Misc.186

Item 81: Casa Dorinda

AR.PH.Misc.187 AR.PH.Misc.187

Item 82: Casa Dorinda

AR.PH.Misc.188 AR.PH.Misc.188

Item 83: Casa Dorinda

AR.PH.Misc.189 AR.PH.Misc.189

Item 84: Casa Dorinda

AR.PH.Misc.190 AR.PH.Misc.190

Item 85: Casa Dorinda

AR.PH.Misc.191 AR.PH.Misc.191

Item 86: Casa Dorinda

AR.PH.Misc.192 AR.PH.Misc.192

Item 87: Casa Dorinda, photograph by M.G. Magarian, dated November 7, 1939

AR.PH.Misc.193 AR.PH.Misc.193