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Symeon komes (?) (seventh century)

Accession number BZS.1958.106.2047
Diameter 28 mm
Field diameter 24 mm


Cruciform invocative monogram (type V). Wreath border.

Θεοτόκε βοήθει


Cruciform monogram. Wreath border.

ε - ι - κ - λ – μ - ν - σ - τ - υ - ω

Συμεόνι κόμιτι


Συμεόνι κόμιτι (?).

Symeon komes (?).


The resolution of the apparently complex reverse monogram is not quite satisfactory, as there are no Ο's in the monogram--let alone the Ω required for the appropriate dative spelling of Symeon. There is no ligature, but only a Υ at the top of the cruciform. This can be explained as an overzealous attempt to put the name in the dative, therefore cutting the ligature of the genitive ending, but thus also mistakenly cutting the Ο necessary elsewhere in the words. Although unsatisfactory, this is the best resolution to be found--better than, for example, Komentiolos or Klimentos as in both the nominative or genitive a letter would be left out (Υ and Σ respectively).