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(Seal of the monastery of) St. Symeon (eleventh century)

Accession Number:
BZS 1958.106.406

Previous Editions

DO Seals 5 no. 10.2.


18 mm
14 mm


(Seal of the monastery of) St. Symeon (eleventh century)

Bust of St. Symeon Stylites the Younger orans, sitting on a column. Faint traces of two letters at right: Μ|Ε : [Ὁ (ἅγιος) Συ]με[ών]. Border of dots.


(Seal of the monastery of) St. Symeon (eleventh century)

Inscription of three lines. Border of dots.


[Ἅ](γιε) Συ[μ]έωνι εὐλόγ(ει)


Ἅγιε Συμέων εὐλόγει.

St. Symeon, give your blessing.



The monastic complex and shrine of St. Symeon the Younger (d. 592), which included a church and the saint’s pillar, was located atop the “Miraculous Mountain” sixteen kilometers southwest of Antioch (G. Vikan, “Art, Medicine, and Magic in early Byzantium”). It would appear that with the Byzantine recovery of Antioch in 969, the cult of St. Symeon flourished anew.

In addition to the present seal, BZS.1955.1.4946, and Laurent, Corpus 5.2, no. 1559 bis, seals of the "monastery of the Miraculous Mountain" (Laurent, Corpus 5.2, no. 1650 and Seyrig, no. 288), the revival of the saint’s cult and shrine is also apparent from the composition of a paraphrase of the vita of St. Symeon by the governor of Antioch, Nikephoros Ouranos, about the year 1000 (PG 86[2], cols. 2987–3216).


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