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Posted On June 01, 2012 | 11:46 am | by lisaw | Permalink
De Administrando Imperio: A Commentary

Dumbarton Oaks Publications is pleased to announce the reprint of the Commentary on the De administrando imperio. Arriving fifty years after the first and hitherto only printing, this edition is a companion piece to one of Dumbarton Oaks’ most popular books, the critical edition and translation of a key tenth-century text treatise.

The De administrando imperio, compiled by Constantine VII Porphyrogenitus in the tenth century, is one of the most important historical documents surviving from the middle Byzantine period, containing a wide variety of information on foreign relations and internal administration. A companion to the critical text edited by Gyula Moravcsik and translated by Romilly J. H. Jenkins (Dumbarton Oaks Texts 1), the Commentary was written in 1962 by a team of eminent scholars led by Jenkins. It remains the most thorough and authoritative study of this significant medieval text. In addition to extensive commentary on the historical, geographical, and philological nuances of the Greek text, this volume contains a bibliography, map, genealogical charts, and indexes.

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