Royall Tyler to Robert Woods Bliss, July 11, 1937

Finance Ministry



Dear Robert.

Many thanks for your cable, which reached me yesterday.

I’m delighted to hear you have Lucca,BZ.1937.18. StephenBZ.1937.19. & the cameo,BZ.1937.20. & like them.

We just missed a Baltimore boat with the Mejicana,PC.B.045, PC.B.056, PC.B.100, PC.B.101, PC.B.110, PC.B.160, PC.B.161, PC.B.162, and PC.B.249. & the Baltimore boats only run fortnightly. Hence the delay, doubtless. I hope soon to hear you’ve had them, & that you find them as entrancing as Bill & I did. I often think of that necklace with the humming-bird clasp,Probably PC.B.100. & of many other of those objects. I do hope they arrive before the 18.

News of Edith are decidedly better. Now, if she only will be patient & not try to force the pace of progress!

Much love

R. T.

Associated People: Edith Wharton
Associated Places: Budapest (Hungary)