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Dumbarton Oaks Collection Series
Catalogue of Byzantine Seals at Dumbarton Oaks and in the Fogg Museum of Art, Volume 1
Italy, North of the Balkans, North of the Black Sea
John Nesbitt, Nicolas Oikonomides

The combined Dumbarton Oaks and Fogg collection of Byzantine seals is one of the largest in the world, containing 17,000 specimens. Volume 1 in the catalogue includes seals with place names from Italy, north of the Balkans, and north of the Black Sea. Each section begins with a short essay on the region’s history. Each seal is illustrated and is accompanied—where appropriate—by full commentary regarding the specimen’s date, biographical information on its owner, peculiarities of orthography, and special features of iconography. These seals contribute significantly to historical geography, the evolution of the Byzantine imperial administration, development in the Greek language, and decorative vogues.