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[Geōrgiou tou Pachymerē Andronikos Palaiologos] = Andronicus Palaeologus, sive Historia rerum ab Andronico Seniore in imperio gestarum usque ad annum ejus aetatis undequinquagesimum

Pachymeres, George, 1242-approximately 1310
Romae: Typis Barberinis. Excudente Fabio de Falco, [1669]


Digital facsimile

First part of title in Greek characters, transliterated.

Date of publication precedes second.

Vol. 18, pt. 2 of: "Corpus Byzantinae historiae."

Engraved title page vignette (Barberini device which includes 3 bees and 2 putti holding a papal tiara and the keys of St. Peter), head- and tail-pieces, initials.

First published in Paris, 1669, as volume 2 of "Geōrgiou tou Pachymerē Michaēl Palaiologos = Georgii Pachymeris Michael Palæologus sive Historia rerum a Michaele Palæologo ante imperium, & in imperio gestarum ... interprete Petro Possino ..."

With half-title page at page [456]: "Petri Possini ... Observationum Pachymerianarum ad historiam rerum ab Andronico Palaeologo seniore in imperio gestarum." : pages [456]-632.

Includes index.

Greek text with parallel Latin translation, in columns.



Latin, Greek, Ancient (to 1453)


Andronicus II Palaeologus, Emperor of the East, 1260-1332; Byzantine Empire -- History -- Andronicus II Palaeologus, 1282-1328