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Andrew bishop of Andrapa (sixth century)

Accession number BZS.1955.1.4691
Diameter 19 mm
Condition Chipped.
Previous Editions

DO Seals 4, no. 25.1.

Laurent, Corpus V/3, no. 1723 (with misreadings).


Inscription of three lines. Linear border.



νδρέα ἐπισκόπου


Inscription of three lines. Linear border.




Ἀνδρέα ἐπισκόπου Ἀνδράπων.

(Seal of) Andrew, bishop of Andrapa.


Laurent read the first line on the obverse as ΑΟΣ and, assuming that one more line was missing above, restored the name [Νικό]λαος. Since the reverse carries an inscription of three lines, it is reasonable to assume that the obverse inscription has the same. The first visible letter is Α and the letter following is either ι or a broken letter formed at left with an upright bar (which we read as N). The last letter in the line was formed at bottom with a horizontal line, suggesting Δ.

The last letter in the third line on the reverse is definitely not omega. The last line contains the letter π twice indicating that the name has a plural ending. 

Andrapa (also known as Neapolis and Neoklaudioupolis), the modern Vezirköprü, was an episcopal see as early as the Vth century. It is mentioned as a bishopric of Helenopontos under the metropolitan of Amaseia in the Notitiae episcopatuum from the VIth to the XIIIth c. (Darrouzès, Notitiae, 209, 357). See Laurent, Corpus V/1, 311 (list of bishops in Fedalto, HEO I, 79-80; Galatien und Lykaonien, 126; Brandes, 123; Zgusta, 75-76; Mikra Asia them., 149.