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Amy Garland

Garland, Amy

When Beatrix Farrand dismantled her house and gardens at Reef Point, she entered retirement and moved to Garland Farm. She stayed in the farmhouse there from 1955 to her death in 1959. Garland Farm was owned by Farrand's dear friends and employees, Lewis and Amy Garland. Lewis served as chauffeur and handyman at Reef Point for many years. Amy, often referred to as Mrs. Garland in Garden Archives Correspondence, supervised the gardens at Reef Point. She was a horticulturist as well as Beatrix Farrand's friend. The Garlands took Beatrix Farrand into their home and helped to incorporate mementos of Reef Point into the farmhouse and grounds on their estate. They, along with Farrand's maid Clementine Walters, cared for Farrand in her waning years. Garland Farm, and the small Farrand-designed garden there, remained in the family until Amy Garland sold the property to Jerome and Helena Goff in 1970, many years before her death in 1996. By the time the Beatrix Farrand Society purchased the land to preserve the gardens in 2004, the original 100 acres was reduced to only 4.9, which included the house, barn, garage, and small greenhouse.



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