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Series 13: Lectures and Speeches (Location: Blissiana vertical files).

Folder 1: drafts of lectures and materials related to lectures given by Mildred Barnes Bliss and others, presumably in Buenos Aires, Argentina (ca. 1931–1933) as well as miscellaneous.

Item 1: Lecture on Persian Art [pertaining to 1931 exhibition at Burlington House, London], texts in English and Spanish.

Item 2: Lecture on Byzantine Art [pertaining to the International Exhibition of Byzantine Art, Musée du Louvre, Pavillon de Marsan, Paris], texts in English and French.

Item 3: Lecture on American Art, texts in English and Spanish.

Item 4: “Pagan Rome,” by Dr. Erminio Trolio, Translated by M. Eric Kiel and M. Bliss.

Item 5: “The Sassanian Palace at Damghan,” by Arthur Upham Pope.

Item 6: “A Sassanian Garden Palace, by Arthur Upham Pope, September 1932.

Item 7: “Lantern Slides Ordered by Mrs. Robert Woods Bliss.”

Item 8: “American Institute for Persian Art and Archaeology, Publications for further distribution to members, December, 1932.”

Item 9: The Open Court, New Orient Society Monograph, Second Series, No. 1 (January 1933), Vol. 47, no. 920.                  

Folder 2: texts of speeches given by Mildred Barnes Bliss (1962–1963).

Item 1: Garden Club of America, May 9, 1963.

Item 2: National Association of Gardeners, October 2, 1963.

Item 3: President Pusey, Officers and Friends of Harvard, May 13, 1963.

Item 4: Testimonial to Mr. Charles Horsky, Washington Planning and Housing Association, October 19, 1962.