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Royall Tyler to Mildred Barnes Bliss, February 1, 1928 [2]

Ministry of Finance,
1 Feb. 28Wednesday.

Dearest Mildred,

I have just wired ‘Plate not yet offered for sale am following it up carpet reserved.’See telegram of February 1, 1928 [1]. For more on the Stroganoff plate, see letters of January 5, 1928; February 1, 1928 [1]; March 13, 1928; April 9, 1928; and April 29, 1928.

I wasn’t able to go up to Paris before returning here, but Hayford has seen the plate, and is very enthusiastic about it. He and BabelonJean Babelon (1889–1978), a French librarian, historian, and numismatist at the Cabinet des Médailles, Paris, where he became deputy curator in 1924 and then director in 1937 and 1961. have compared it with the reproduction in the Stroganoff catalogue,Ludwig Pollak and Antonio Muñoz, Pièces de choix de la collection du Comte Grégoire Stroganoff à Rome, vol. 2, Moyen Âge—Renaissance—Époque modern (Rome: Impr. de l’Unione editrice, 1912), 191–92, pl. 133. and are satisfied it’s the same object. The trouble is that the owner, IsbirianThe Parisian dealer Isbirian has not been identified. In the letter of November 3, 1928, his address is given as 31, rue Saint-Lazare, Paris, and his telephone number as Trudaine 71.01. (unknown to us, and hitherto to Babelon) hasn’t offered it for sale, but is trying to get expert opinion on it. Hayford is keeping in touch, and we’ll jump when the time comes.

Hayford says the dish isn’t solid silver, but has a copper inside. This should take something off the price. If you feel that it makes the object less desirable, let me know. Otherwise, may I assume that you’d give as much as 100,000 francs for it? As soon as I have a price from the dealer, I’ll let you know. Hayford says it is a most noble object, and very beautiful patine.

I take it from your wire that you are interested in the carpet,This carpet is no longer in the Dumbarton Oaks Collection. In the ex-collection files, it is described as Rhodian or Caucasian with a tomato ground, styled foliage, and a geometric border, 7’4” x 4’3”. The Blisses acquired the carpet from Kalebdjian on April 29, 1928. The carpet was sold to Karekin Beshir in December 1952; it was subsequently acquired by John J. Emery Jr. and given to the Cincinnati Art Museum. See letters of January 5, 1928; February 1, 1928 [1]; March 13, 1928; April 9, 1928; and April 29, 1928. so I’m telling Kalebdjian to hold it. If you want it for 32,500 fr. please let me know, and I’ll get it. I think it would be a good buy.

I’m glad you don’t want the Chaldean statuesSee letter of January 5, 1928.—but they are rather exciting. I trust you’ve returned the photos to Feuardent, 4 r. de Louvois. Please return the other photos, to me.

I hope to be in Paris again before long, and to see the plate with my own eyes. I can see it’s a snorter from the photo, and Hayford entirely confirms.

I’ve just been in bed for a week with the ‘flue, and I’ve got a fearful lot of work. So no more for the present. Elisina sends you much love—she arrived here last night.

I go to Geneva Feb. 27 for ten days or so, and then perhaps a meeting in Paris.

Yours always
R. T.

Associated People: Elisina Tyler; Hayford Peirce
Associated Places: Budapest (Hungary)