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Royall Tyler to Robert Woods Bliss, December 3, 1939

Hotel Richemond



Dear Robert.

I’m here for a few days between my London-Paris trip and one to Budapest.

I’ve had letters from Doro, in which he tells me of trusting advice he has had from a number of people over there, not to be too exacting about the kind of job he wants, but to take anything he can get—any teaching job in any old college. Doro still feels pretty strange in his present surroundings, and though he doesn’t show it to me, I’m afraid he may be unduly influenced by the plentitude of (unsolicited) counsel he receives. Also, having strongly advised him not to take any old job, but to wait till something worthy of him comes along, and indeed not to take anything until you have given it your blessing, I’m rather troubled now lest the vehemence of my advice to this effect prevent him from neglecting some opening which he might later regret.

It isn’t at all that he is pressing me for advice—the tone of his letters is brave as ever. And I’m sure he’d be horrified if he throught I were bothering you about him again. It’s that I myself am a bit scared lest my advice to him may have been too absolute, and lest I ought, in friendship to him, to modify it. I should be extremely grateful to you if you could let me have a line (by air) giving me a pointer on this. Better send it to the League, as usual. I expect to be here again for a few days before Xmas, & then to go to celebrate that feast at Antigny, & then back here. I may be coming over your way in a couple of months—perhaps Feb. But that’s all very vague so far. I’ll let you know the moment there’s anything definitive.

Fond love to you both


R. T.

P.S. I’ve just received the enclosedThe whereabouts of this enclosure are not known. from Kaleb. The sarco front,Sarcophagus front. Measurements are given on the back of the photograph: 61 cm high x 210 cm wide. Byzantine Collection, Kalebdjian Frères correspondence file. with the 6 beasts’ noses which have been re-done, removed, would be quite a good buy at $1,400, if you are interested in it as an object.

Associated People: Doro Levi
Associated Things: Kalebdjian Frères