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Royall Tyler to Robert Woods Bliss, December 5, 1950

55, Avenue Foch

Paris, XVIo. Passy 66-04

Paris, December 5th, 1950

Dear Robert,

With apologies for a typed letter, I cannot remember whether or not I have already written to you about a good friend of mine: Andrew de Tchihatchef?Andrew de Tchihatchef (1897–1977), a Russian-born British banker. In case I have not and Tchihatchef presents a card of introduction I gave him for you, I wish to tell you something about him.

He was a Russian until Bolshevism: an officer in the Chevalier Gardes,The Chevalier Guard regiment, a Russian heavy cavalry guard regiment created in 1800. and later in the first World War served on a destroyer in the Black Sea. Having been in liaison with the British, he settled in London after the war, working his way up to responsible positions in the City of London. He is now with the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development. He worked with me in Europe while I was with the Bank, and has now been transferred to Washington, from which place I think he will be doing a great deal of travelling all over the world. He is now British.

I have always found him an extremely dependable and very likable fellow. I think his unusual experience, including the travelling he has done for the Bank, recently, to Yugoslavia and other parts, will make him interesting to you, and I believe you will like him personally.

With much love to you both


R. T.

Has the little marble capitol [sic], with busts of angels,BZ.1950.24. arrived from Bustros?Elias (Elie) Bustros, an antiquities dealer in Beirut, Lebanon.

The Honorable

Robert Woods Bliss

2750 Que Street, N.W.The Blisses acquired a house at 2750 Q Street, N.W., at 28th Street, NW, in Georgetown, in November 1942.

Washington 7, D.C.

Associated Artworks: BZ.1950.24