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Robert Woods Bliss to Royall Tyler, June 5, 1951

June 5, 1951

Royall Tyler, Esquire

55, Avenue Foch

Paris XVI—France.

Dear Royall:

No news is good news, which holds for both ends of our long friendship.

I hear from Allen Dulles that you are very busy enjoying your work, which is broadening in every way.

I am pushing this letter off to you (in haste as usual)!, to tell you that Mildred and I are violently flirting with the idea of carrying out our long-sustained wish and intention to take a trip through the Greek Isles. We hope that this may be accomplished, if I can secure a suitable vessel to charter during the month of September, a period which I am told is favorable for that region, as far as weather is concerned.

We feel that the trip would not be complete unless you accompanied us. Although plans are only in the cocoon stage, we probably would board the chartered vessel at some place like Venice, Brindisi, or Bari.

There is still time to perfect our plans, but we do want to notify you well in advance of our project, so that you can endeavor to be with us for one full month. It would be a bitter disappointment if you found it impossible to go with us, and I eagerly await some word from you.

With much love to Elisina and to Betbil,The Bliss abbreviation for Bettine Tyler and William Royall Tyler. and yourself,

Yours ever,


Associated Places: Paris (France)