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Royall Tyler to Robert Woods Bliss, February 12, 1938

Finance Ministry


12th February 1938.

Dear Robert,

I have just had your cable of yesterday. I am writing to BustrosElias (Elie) Bustros, an antiquities dealer in Beirut, Lebanon. to send the tabernacleBZ.1938.56. to Delarancheraye,De La Rancheraye et Cie., a shipping company in Paris. and I will instruct Delarancheraye to forward it yo you as soon as it arrives.

I have not had any news from Bustros in reply to my cable to him of February 1st offering him $1,100 for the lot of objects which I cabled to you about. I expect he is sending them along, however. His sense of urgency is much more acute when he wants to get an offer than when he is asked to reply to it.

Love to you both

R. T.

I am expecting Elisina the day after tomorrow, & am looking forward to hearing news of you from her.

Associated People: Elias (Elie) Bustros
Associated Artworks: BZ.1938.56