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Royall Tyler to Mildred Barnes Bliss, May 26, 1930

29, rue d’Astorg
F Anjou 16–88


I enclosed the letter from Clement Heaton,Clement Heaton (1861–1940), a British artist, stained glass painter, sculptor, and mosaicist. Mildred Barnes Bliss had a prolonged correspondence with him between 1908 (?) and 1940. Bliss Papers, HUGFP 76.8, boxes 20 and 21. dearest Mildred, which you left at the Quai Bourbon last night.

I’ve read it. Poor Clement Heaton! What a survival and an anachronism! William MorrisWilliam Morris (1834–1896), an English artist, textile designer, and writer associated with the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood and the English Arts and Crafts movement. prolonged well into this our century. And what a curious mixture of ingenuousness and shrewdness. He sees the US pretty clearly—but how marvellous that he should imagine he is revealing anything to you when he rehearses that aged chestnut about there having been no ‘architects’ in the middle ages, and the Renaissance having divorced design from execution and thus killed art!

It’s sad reading, but my melancholy on going over it is drowned in wonderment that there should still be a pre-Raphaelite pre-Raphaelizing on this earth, and doing it in America, too.

A good trip, dearest Mildred, and I’m longing for your return.

R. T.

I’ll try and see Rowland Read.Rowland S. Read, a textile collector.

Associated Places: Paris (France)