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Byzantine Studies Program

  • John II Roundel

The Byzantine Studies program at Dumbarton Oaks, since its establishment in 1940, has supported a continuous program of residential fellowships and academic events to enable historical, philological, art historical, archaeological and theological research into the civilization of the Byzantine Empire from the fourth to the fifteenth century, together with its interactions with neighboring cultures. Currently, two teaching fellows form part of the research community while also teaching at the neighboring George Washington University. Scholars are encouraged to apply for one-month research awards, and doctoral candidates may spend up to one month in residence. Dumbarton Oaks supports archaeology through project grants and meetings. An annual journal, symposium proceedings and occasional monographs are published. The important collection of 17,000 lead seals is the subject of a new digital project. Byzantinists have access to an incomparable research library, the unique holdings of ICFA, the 10,000-strong coin collection, and the Byzantine collection of the museum.

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