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Oxford, Bodleian Library, Holkham gr. 115


Additional Information

  • Appr. Date: 11th c., 12th c., 13th c. (11th-13th c.)
  • Genres: Biblical
  • Illustrations: Yes


Bodleianus Holkhamicus græcus 115 (olim Earl of Leicester 4).

Aland / Gregory 558
Soden ε 275
Scrivener 545

352 fols. Dated to the 11th century in De Ricci, to the 13th in Aland. Often paired with Bod. Holkham gr. 115 (also on our OXF.1.1), q.v.

Bibliographical material (not seen by us) apparently also includes Bodleian Library Record 4.5 (1953) 255-267 (David Rogers, "The Holkham Collection") and BLR 5.2 (1954) 61-62 (Th. Lockey, ''Greek Manuscripts from Holkham''). As of this writing, Bodley's website lists the latter as Ruth Barbour, "Greek manuscripts from Holkham", but we have not determined if which of these is correct. See De Ricci for provenance (up to 1932).

Bod. Holkham gr. 114 & 115 are not in BLR 6.5 (1960) 591-613 (Barbour, "Summary Description of the Greek Manuscripts from the Library at Holkham Hall", which we have seen and which ends with Bod. Holkham gr. 113!).

From abstract of Hassall (see Bibliography and Online Resources): "Ms. 3 and 4 (now held at Bodleian, Oxford: Holkham Greek mss. 114 and 115). Ms. 3, each Holkham Ms. 3, a 13th century copy with each gospel preceded by author portrait, illuminated title and scenes from the life of Christ. Filmed with Ms. 4, an 11th century copy with each evangelist pictured seated at a desk accompanied by his evangelical symbol, a rare device at this date."

A few color reproductions on Bodley's website; see Online Resources. Their website includes some, but not all, of the images we have, and we have used it to identify some of ours, which include the following. The asterisked ones are those which, at the time of this writing, are included on the website:

(4v?)  Portrait of Matthew with a harpie/angel/siren
*5r  Beginning of the Gospel of Matthew
(verso?)  Portrait of Mark
(recto?)  Beginning of the Gospel of Mark
(178v?)  Portrait of Luke
*179r  Beginning of the Gospel of Luke
(280v?)  Portrait of John
*281r  Beginning of the Gospel of John