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Garden and Landscape Project Grants

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Bitter Island: Sugar and Portuguese colonial landscapes in the making of the modern Atlantic Word (16th-17th century)

M. Dores Cruz, University of Cologne, Germany

Three-Dimensional Perspective Rendering of the Ancient Maya City of Tikal

David Lentz, University of Cincinnati


African American Textiles as an Expression of Place

Jennifer Steverson, Artist and Independent Scholar


The Texas Freedom Colonies Project: Spring–Summer Field School

Andrea Roberts, Texas A&M University



Modeling Space and Experience at Pompeii: The Casa della Regina Carolina Project

Caitlín Barrett, Cornell University



The Aqua Traiana in Context

Rabun Taylor, University of Texas at Austin



Italian Landscapes in the Anthropocene: Oral Histories of Leaf Litter Raking, Fire, and Pastoralism

Andrew Mathews, University of California-Santa Cruz



Geomagnetic Survey of an Islamic Gardens at Córdoba

Felix Arnold, German Archaeological Institute

An Archaeology of Plant Food Production on Pingelap Atoll: Preliminary Report on the 2017 Field Season

Maureece Levin, Stanford Archaeology Center

East End Cemetery (Henrico Co., VA) Project

Brian Palmer, Virginia Commonwealth University



Beyond Rice Agriculture: The Garden Agriculture of Angkor Wat

Alison Carter, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

The A. E. Bye Land Surveys

Kimberly Mercurio



Ethnobotany, Symbolism, and Property Rights Institutions in Tropical Agrarian Societies

Michael Sheridan, Middlebury College



The Erbil Plain Archaeological Survey

Jason Ur, Harvard University



Interdisciplinary History of Rural Water and Land Use in Southern Burgundy, France

Scott Madry, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill



Archaeological Investigations and Survey of the Sacred Landscape in Osun Grove, Nigeria

Akin Ogundiran, University of North Carolina, Charlotte



The Archaeology of Japanese American Internment Gardens at Amache

Bonnie Clark, University of Denver



Landscape Allegory: Manchu-Chinese Imperial and Ethnic Images at the Early Qing Tomb Parks

Alan R. Sweeten, California State University, Stanislaus



Garden Archaeology at Ramat Rahel, Israel

Oded Lipschits, Institute of Archaeology, Tel Aviv University

Systematic Survey and Documenting of Qiao yuan, Taizhou

Xu Yinong, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia



The Landscape of Qing Dynasty Necropoli: Presenting Imperial Image Through Garden Scenery, Structures, and Sculptures

Alan R. Sweeten, California State University, Stanislaus



Recovery of the Gardens and the Orchard Pleasure: Churubusco Ex-Convent, 17th Century, Mexico

Saúl Alcántara Onofre, Coordinación Nacional de Monumentos Históricos, INAH



Archaeology of Gardens in Roman Hispania

Jordi Juan i Tresserras, University of Barcelona, Spain



Petra Garden and Pool-Complex Excavations

Leigh-Ann Bedal, The Behrend College, Pennsylvania State University, Erie



Archaelogical and Natural Scientific Investigations on the Medieval Royal Palace Garden and Royal Parkland at Visegrá, Hungary

Jószef Laszlovszky, Central European University, Budapest, Hungary



Petra Garden Feasibility Study

Leigh-Ann Bedal, The Behrend College, Pennsylvania State University, Erie



Phytoliths: A New Approach in the Identification and Study of Prehistoric Maori Gardens

Mark Horrocks, University of Auckland



Sacred Trees in the Land of Israel

Nurit Lissovsky, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology

The Villa of Livia at Prima Porta, Rome

Peter Liljenstolpe, Uppsala University, Allan Klynne, Uppsala University, and Lena Landgren, Lund University, Sweden



Reconstructing Tucker's Garden: The Use of Environmental Archaeology in Documenting Historic Gardens

Kate Meatyard, St. Mary's College of Maryland, Lexington Park and Lisa Kealhofer, Environmental Studies Institute, Santa Clara University



A Survey of Medieval Islamic Gardens and garden Pavilions in Southern Turkey

Scott Redford, Georgetown University, Washington

Palermo: An Outstanding Public park in Increasing Damage and Risk of Disappearance

Sonia Berjman, University of Buenos Aires and Daniel Schávelzon



Pückler-Muskau Park: Restoring the Prince’s Vision at Belvedere Park (Łęknica, Poland)

Linda Robertson



Gardens of the Roman Empire: Preparation of a Colloquium on Pompeii and Other Vesuvian Sites

Wilhelmina Jashemski, University of Maryland



Archaeological Sites in Tunisia

Wilhelmina Jashemski, University of Maryland

Excavation of Hadrian’s Villa

Wilhelmina Jashemski, University of Maryland, and Eugenia Salza Prina Ricotti



Gardens of the Roman Empire: Preparation of a Colloquium on Pompeii and Other Vesuvian Sites

Wilhelmina Jashemski, University of Maryland



The Naturalistic Garden at Dumbarton Oaks

Diane Kostial McGuire, Harvard University



Gardens of the Roman Empire: Garden of Pompeii, Herculaeneum, and the Villas Destroyed by Vesuvius

Wilhelmina Jashemski, University of Maryland