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Summer Internship Program

In 2009, Dumbarton Oaks revived a program summer internships for landscape architecture students that had existed at the institution between the mid-1950s and the early 1970s. Students work half-time in the gardens learning planting design, maintenance, and historic garden conservation with garden staff, and half-days on research projects under the supervision of the Director of Garden and Landscape Studies. After 2013, this initiative was absorbed into an institution-wide program of summer internships for Harvard students. Learn about internship opportunities here.


Madeline Klebanoff O’Brien (Harvard University), "Garden Centennial Project”


Cassandra Luca (Harvard University), "A History of Land, Labor and People of the Dumbarton Oaks Estate Until 1920"

Kaitlyn Degroot (Harvard University), "Sustainable Practices in Historic Gardens"


Joan Chen (Harvard University), "Invasive Species in the Historic Dumbarton Oaks Garden"


Emma van der Heide (Harvard University), "Biological Complexity in the Dumbarton Oaks Gardens"


Andrea Brown (Harvard University), "Garden Biodiversity Project" and blog of Insects of Dumbarton Oaks


Rosabella Alvarez-Calderon (Harvard University), Frameyard Excavation Report

Kate Hayes (University of Virginia), “Wild Washington

Matthew O’Donnell (Northern Virginia Community College), GIS tree database for the non-public areas of Dumbarton Oaks/ Pollinator survey


Robin Abad-Ocubillo (University of Southern California), Monumentality in Microcosm: Triangle Parks in Washington, DC

Siobhan Aitchison (Harvard University), Frame Yards that influenced Beatrix Farrand

Alexis DelVecchio (Harvard University), Enhancing the historical component of the Dumbarton Oaks geo-database while making the collected information accessible to a wider audience


Melissa Elliott (University of Virginia), Visualizing Beatrix Farrand's Plant Book for Dumbarton Oaks

Charles Howe (Harvard University), Photos, Maps, and Measurements: Exploring GIS as an Organizational Framework for a Historic Garden

Anna Lawrence (University of Minnesota), The Supplemental Kitchen Garden: Examining Historic Medicinal Gardens and Envisioning their Framework within Dumbarton Oaks


Sara Altman (University of Virginia), Uncovering Hidden Walks in Dumbarton Oaks Gardens and Dumbarton Oaks Park

Nancy Seaton (Harvard University), Scientific forest management practices in early twentieth century America”

David Wooden (University of Virginia), Mapping the trees at Dumbarton Oaks in GIS


Emily Bonifaci (Harvard University), Securityscape: Implications of Security Design on Public Landscapes in Washington, DC

Emily Rogers (University of Virginia), Kitchen Gardens: 1922–2009

Justin Scherma (Harvard University), The Dumbarton Oaks Geographic Information System


GIS Adviser to Dumbarton Oaks

Paul Cote, Geographic Information Systems Specialist, Data Model for a Managed Landscape