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Project Grants

Pre-Columbian project grants are intended only to survey, excavate, and/or document sites, landscapes, or objects that are in imminent danger. Applicants should provide evidence that such sites, landscapes, or objects are under immediate threat.

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Battle at Los Batanes? Rescue Excavations at a Fortified Tiwanaku Colony in Sama, Peru

Sarah Baitzel, Washington University in St. Louis

Shifting to Sedentism: Salvaging Evidence of the Earliest Inhabitants of Quito

Eric Dyrdahl, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador


Salvaging Sources of Power at Uci, Yucatan, Mexico

Scott Hutson, University of Kentucky


La Florida/Namaan: Research and Preservation at a Classic Maya Commercial Port

Joanne Baron, University of Pennsylvania

Stone Figures and Funerary Complexes: Tracing the Manteño-Guancavilca of Coastal Ecuador

Maria Masucci, Drew University


The Roots of the Inca State: Ritual Practice and Sacred Space at Huanacauri (Cuzco, Peru)

Steve Kosiba, University of Alabama


Documentation of Group R-183, an Ancient Maya Metalworking Houselot of Mayapán, Yucatan, Mexico

Elizabeth Paris, Wichita State University


Revitalizing Guaytan

Ana Lucia Arroyave, Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala

Early Horizon and Early Intermediate Period Rock Art of the Nasca Valley

Ana Nieves, Northeastern Illinois University


Salvage Excavations of V–05, a Siguas-Ramadas Cemetery in the Vitor Valley of Southern Peru

Maria Cecilia Lozada, University of Chicago


The Thorny Oyster and the Inca Empire: The Spondylus Workshop at the Inca Site of Cabeza de Vaca, Tumbes

Carolina María Vílchez Carrasco, Ministerio de Cultura, Programa Qhapaq Ñan


Leaving No Stone Unturned: Emergency Recording of Chontales-Style Sculpture at the Nawawasito Site in Central Nicaragua

Alexander Geurds, Leiden University / University of Colorado at Boulder

The Investigation and Protection of Cave Sites in the Periphery of Pacbitun, Belize

Terry Powis


Exploration of an Early Archaeological Site Threatened with Destruction in Oaxaca, Mexico

Stephen Whittington, Wake Forest University


Saving the Palace of Atahualpa: The Late Imperial Inca Site of Caranqui, Imbabura Province, Ecuador

Tamara Bray, Wayne State University, and José Echeverría, FONSALCI, Ibarra, Ecuador

Rescuing the Site of Cerro Narrío, Ecuador

J. Scott Raymond, University of Calgary, and Florencio Delgado, Universidad de San Francisco, Quito


La Joya Pyramid, Central Veracruz, Mexico: Classic Period Earthen Architecture

Annick Daneels, Instituto de Investigaciones Antropológicas, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México


Rescue Excavations at the Tumilaca La Chimba Cemetery: Late Tiwanaku Bioarchaeology and Iconography

Patrick Ryan Williams, The Field Museum, Chicago, Michael E. Moseley, University of Florida, Maria C. Lozada, University of Chicago, and Nicola Sharratt, University of Illinois at Chicago


Paracas Necropolis: Salvaging Contextual Relationships

Ann H. Peters, Visiting Scholar, Latin American Studies Program, Cornell University


Salvage, Conservation, and Consolidation at the Classic Maya Site of Tecolote, Guatemala

Sierra del Lacandón Regional Archaeology Project: Charles Golden (Director); Rene Muñoz, Andrew Scherer, Luis Romero (Co-Directors); Kimberly Machovec-Smith, Margaret Kipling, Leslie Rainer, and Arlen Heginbotham (Conservators)


Emergency Archaeology at Gran Pajatén

Warren Church

Uncovering Cancuen’s Royal Palace: The Political Role of Classic Maya Art

Arthur Demarest


The San Bartolo Mural Rescue Project

William Saturno

Excavation of the Platform of Women Weavers

Carol Mackey


Cueva de los Vampiros: Emergency Excavation of a Deep Rock Shelter on the Central Pacific Coast of Panama

Richard Cooke


Emergency Excavations at Conchapata: Huari Temple Architecture and Iconography in Ayacucho, Peru

Anita Cook, Catholic University of America, and W. H. Isbell, State University of New York, Binghamton


Socioeconomic Organization in the Late Prehispanic Lambayeque Sphere, Northern North Coast of Peru: Excavations on the Pampa de Burros

Hartmut Tschauner, Harvard University, with Lucía Balbuena Cotlear, Víctor Curay Rufasto, Natalia Guzmán Requena, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú


The López Viejo Project, Ecuador

Elizabeth J. Currie, University of York