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Royall Tyler to Robert Woods Bliss, October 25, 1937 [1]

Hôtel de Crillon

Place de la Concorde



Dear Robert.

I have yours of Oct. 11th, with $2500. Cheque. Many thanks. When writing me a cheque, please remember the two Ls in Royall. I hope they’ll cash for me, nevertheless.

As you’ll have seen from the Emp.BZ.1937.23. insurance policy, it was insured for $33000, all right.

I think the idea for using the Labradorite columnsBZ.1940.78–79. is a good one—I hope you can put them where they’ll get a ray of sun sometimes, as it’s then that they light up. I’ll try to get Juritzky down a bit on the price.

About the Virgin marble relief.BZ.1938.62. I think the inscriptions are contemporary with the rest, without doubt. The thing may be Venetian, but it’s very near Byz. in any case, tho’ perhaps of a loveliness that is nearer a Western conception. I find it very difficult whether to recommend her warmly to you, or not. I wish to Heaven I could see her, but now the family has taken her out of the K F Museum,The Kaiser Friedrich Museum, now the Bode Museum, Berlin. I fear that’s impossible, without exciting extravagant hopes, as I can’t pass myself off for a native in that land.

I hope very much to get news from F. that he has made some progress with GothaSee letters of April 8, 1937 [2]; April 9, 1937 [1]; April 9, 1937 [2]; April 16, 1937 [1]; April 16, 1937 [2]; May 22, 1937; June 3, 1937; June 16, 1937; June 26, 1937; July 6, 1937; July 25, 1937; August 21, 1937; September 4, 1937; October 25, 1937 [1]; November 23, 1937; December 13, 1937 [3]; February 28, 1938; March 31, 1938; July 10, 1938; July 29, 1938; August 10, 1938; August 16, 1938 [2]; December 20, 1938; and January 3, 1939. & Dresden (2 Dresdens!).

I’ve seen the Alhambra vaseAlthough this vase has not been identified, it is described in a letter from Maurice Stora to Robert Woods Bliss, dated September 14, 1937. Accompanying the letter are two documents: “Expertise du Vase Alhambra” by Professor Egbal and “Eine spanisch-maurische Alhambra Vase” by Otto von Falke. Byzantine Collection dealer files, M. & R. Stora correspondence. See also letters of October 11, 1937 [2], and October 25, 1937 [2]. today. It is magnificent beyond words. The white is a creamy, rich, thick glaze. The blue is a bit runny & patchy, but as the design is in relief, the whole thing has a grand character, more monumental than the others I’ve seen, and wonderfully well preserved. I’m sure it’s genuine. If you don’t get it, some US museum should. Stora says that an offer of say Frs. 500,000 would permit him to start negociating. Owners are Jan Seligmann and Rosenberg (of Holland).Jan Seligmann and Rosenberg have not been identified.

You’ll have had my lettersSee letters of October 11, 1937 [3]; October 20, 1937; and October 21, 1937 [2]. about the Guichon rings.Catalogue of the Superb Collection of Rings Formed by the Late Monseiur E. Guilhou, of Paris, Comprising Rings of the Classical Period, Including Egyptian, Phoenician, Greek, Etruscan and Roman Rings, Rings of the Dark Ages, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and Modern Times . . . Which will be Sold by Auction . . . on Tuesday, the 9th of November 1937, and Three Following Days (London: Sotheby and Co, 1937). See also Seymour de Ricci, Catalogue of a Collection of Ancient Rings Formed by the Late E. Guilhou (Paris, 1912). I didn’t think either 457 or 469 particularly good—457 is nice, however. The better one of the two, not illustrated, in lot 462 is better than 469. I don’t expect 457 would fetch more than £40 or 50, so you might instruct Bill if you want to try for it.

My talks in London advanced things, where I’m concerned,See letter of September 4, 1937. I think, but they haven’t yet taken on a sufficiently firm outline for me to be able to add anything definitive to what I’ve already told you.

I found the BetbillBettine Tyler and William Royall Tyler. family well & happy, & the bratRoyall Tyler (b. 1936), the first child of Bettine Tyler and William Royall Tyler, was born in London. After earning a BA in Far Eastern Languages from Harvard University and a PhD in Japanese literature from Columbia University, he became a scholar and translator of Japanese literature. He presently lives in Australia in New South Wales. looking very lively & bright indeed. Their little house is sunny & gay, with trees & birds, & quiet.

Much love

R. T.

No news of the marriage-beltBZ.1937.33. yet, but I expect it’s on the way. I’ll of course only pay on delivery.


I do hope you’ll get the BurgDr. Hermann Burg, a dealer in London at 32 St. James Street. Düsseldorf rider silk.BZ.1937.29. A particular special pet of mine.

Associated Things: M. & R. Stora, Paris