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Berlin, Staatsbibliothek – Preussischer Kulturbesitz, Minutoli 291 (Orientalabteilung)


Additional Information

  • Appr. Date: 15th c. (15th c. (1450))
  • Genres: Biblical
  • Illustrations: Yes


Selections, mostly whole-page images (fol. nos. unknown), from an illustrated collection of the Gospels in Armenian.

For description and partial transcription (but not translation), see entry in Karamianz (no. 6, pp. 4sq; see bibliography and online resources).

At some time after the 1888 and 1907 catalogues (see bibliography), part or all of the oriental collection of the Royal Prussian Library was moved to Tübingen as the “Tübinger Depot der Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin - Preußischer Kulturbesitz”.  This collection was dissolved as such in 1968 and the ms. was returned to what is now the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin (Orientabteilung III E).  The original shelf-mark was, according to our records, Or. Minut. 291; we have contacted the Abteilung and learned that the correct mark now is the unabbreviated “Minutoli 291”.

Contents (one page for each, except the last two, as indicated):

— Finely illustrated cover
— Annunciation
— Nativity
— Baptism
— Wedding at Cana
— Transfiguration
— Entry into Jerusalem and Washing of Feet at Last Supper
— Healing of Paralytic and Raising of Lazarus
— Kiss of Judas and Denial of Peter
— Christ Before Pilate and another image (Crown of Thorns?)
— Crucixion and Removal from the Cross
— Χριστὸς Ἀνέστη
— Ascension
— Assumption of Mary
— Evangelists (one page for each, three of them labeled)
— Text: fols. 313r-316r, apparently with desinit, signature and farewell vel sim.