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Mount Athos, Great Lavra Monastery, Γ99


Additional Information

  • Appr. Date: 14th c. (14th c. (1303))
  • Genres: Hagiography
  • Illustrations: No


Written in a practiced, archaizing hand.
Anno Mundi 6811 (AD 1303)
Εὐστρατιάδης (1925) no. 339 (pp. 46sq., see bibliography).
Iter Psellianum nos. 933, 945 (pp. 358-360, 368-370).

1r  Euchaiton’s encomium to Basil, Gregory and Chrysostom.

20v  On a mostly blank page, a large and fluid inscription (for some reason confined to the upper-righthand corner, and spelled as follows), + ἐτοῦτο τὸ βηβλίων ὑπάρχει τῆς καθ’ ἡμᾶς σεβασμοίας λαύρας τοῦ ὁσίου...

21r:  Pselli Vita S. Auxentii (non 29r, ut secundum Eustratiadem Pinacasque; ipsi autem microtæniam oculis propriis inspeximus):  Βίος καὶ πολιτεία τοῦ ὁσίου καὶ θεοφόρου πατρὸς ἡμῶν Αὐξεντίου τοῦ Μεγάλου· εὐλόγησον πάτερ.

70v:  Vita, seu potius laudatio, Mariæ Ægyptiacæ: Εὐθυμίου Πρωτασηκρήτου ὁ λόγος: Βίος τῆς ὁσίας καὶ ἁγίας Μαρίας τῆς Αἰγυπτίας· εὐλόγησον πάτερ.

Superscript in later hand:  Μηνὶ Ἀπριλίου Πρώτῃ

Further superscript in yet later hand:  Οὐχὶ βίος, ἀλλ’ ἐγκώμιον.  This is how Eustratiades (s. lem.) identifies it.

On the blank page opposite 1r (on “null-verso”) is found the following monitory greeting, first in a rude and halting hand (spaced as below, with πόρο twice) and then in a later, very fine one that seems aware of its own beauty:

+ ϋ μεν φϋλοσ πεφϋκασ ϋ σελθε χε
ρον · ι δεε χθροσ · και βασ κανοσ · κε δολοϋ
γεμον πορο πορο απελ θε τισ δε τις φϋλοισ

εἰ μὲν φίλος πέφυκας εἴσελθε χαίρων,
εἰ δ’ ἐχθρὸς, ϗ βάσκανος, ϗ δόλου γέμων,
Πόῤῥω ἄπελθε τῆσδὲ τῆς βίβλου~

On two other facing pages (presumably before 0v/1r) there is on the first page a table of contents, followed by a sign (an enclosed cross encircled by the letters, one of them obscured: Η Α Ρ Α Χ (?Ρ) Α [πατριαρχία?]), and on the second page a groveling dedication by a certain «οἰκτρὸς ταπεινὸς εὐτελὴς ῥακενδύτης», subscribed thereafter by the less anonymous humility of a later hegumen: Εὔχεσθε καὶ ὑπὲρ ἐμοῦ Γενναδίου ἁμαρτωλοῦ, προηγουμένου λαύρας ~

Finally, on what seems from the microfilm to be the very first two pages (“-1v/0r”) is a poem to Christus Sol Invictus, not attested in the TLG and otherwise unknown to us, copied out twice in an early hand (as practice?) on the right-hand side and transcribed into a much later hand on the left:

Ἥλιε Χριστέ, παμφαοῦς φωτὸς φάος·
Καθαρτικῶν με ἀκτίνων λάμψα? σέλας
Διττὰς κόρας φώτιζε διττῶν ὀμμάτων
Καὶ ῥυπτικῷ ξήρανε πυρὶ τοὺς ῥύπους
Ἅπατε κινδύνων με τῶν ῥύπων, ῥύσε.
Τὸν Πέτρον ὡς πρὶν κυμμάτων θαλαττίων.
Καὶ τὴν τρυφὴν βράβευον εἰς χλόης τόπους.
—Οἰκτροῦ μοναχοῦ εὐτελῆ ῥακενδύτη.

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