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Mount Athos, Dionysiou Monastery, 83


Additional Information

  • Appr. Date: 12th c. (12th c. (1137))
  • Genres: Liturgical
  • Illustrations: No



A splendid imperial menologion covering the months June to August.  

There is a wonderful autograph by the scribe, Arsenios Spastrikos, dating the ms to the last years of the reign of John Comnenus, though Lampros and Kotzabassi give different precise dates: the former dates the ms. to the year 1137 (see p. 327 of the catalogue) and Kotzabassi dates it to 1142 (on p. 22 of her book, for both these works, please refer to the bibliography).  The autograph is on f. 242v which is the penultimate folio on the microfilm.  

Tantalizingly, the final folio is f.243r which marks the beginning of the life of St. Anthony the Great.

Some of the pages are rather blurred but on the whole they remain quite legible.
As of July 2011, Pinakes lists the life of Anthony but not the menologion.