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Oxford, Bodleian Library, Auct. T.4.4


Additional Information

  • Appr. Date: 16th c. (16th c.)
  • Genres: Varia
  • Illustrations: No


Auctarium T.4.4 (Summary Catalogue no. 20590; Coxe Misc. no. 242).  From the Giovanni Saibante collection, purchased in 1820.  Paper, sixteenth century, 443 folios.  A learnèd miscellany: Libanius, Julian, Chrysostom, Synesius, Nazianzen, Dionysius the Sophist, Thomas Magister, &c.

Duelling foliation, one in a lighter hand, followed by Coxe (see Bibliography) and another, closer to the corner and not mentioned by Coxe, in a heavier hand.

For detailed list of contents, see Coxe's entry in the Bibliography and Online Resources, which Barbour & Wilson in their 1969 revision leave unchanged, except to add at the head that "fol. 1 has a note in Spanish, 16th cent., signed Cordona [sic]."  The copy on Google Books (in the Online Resources) is obscured for Coxe's §§ 3-13 (fols. 75-117).

Fols. 162v-172r (Coxe §22), Ten letters under the name of Matthew [of Ephesus], Bishop of Ionia & Asia, or in the TLG (3212.001) under Manuel Gabalas. (Alternative foliation 176v-186r).

164r/178r has «ἢ αἰποίεσθαι» or «ἢ αἰποίεσθε» along with the "178".

Fols. 231r-267v, Psellus (in Coxe §35 under the name of Gregor ohne Beiname), Logica.

296r-328v  Psellus, De quatuor scientiis mathematicis compendium (Coxe §41). This and the preceding are Iter Psellianum no. 893 (PHI.170; pp. 334-339), q.v. for great detail.  Cf. Bodl. Barocci 71, Bodl. Canon. gr. 1, Bodl. Canon gr. 83 and Bodl. Seld. Arch. supra 17.

In our Online Resources we give a link to the Google Books preview of Moore's invaluable book, Iter Psellianum, though unfortunately the above pages are not included in the preview.