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Royall Tyler to Robert Woods Bliss, September 22, 1950

Hotel de CrillonThe Hôtel de Crillon, a historic luxury hotel in Paris at the foot of the Champs-Élysées that opened in 1909 in a building dating to 1758. The hotel is in one of two identical stone palaces on the Place de la Concorde.

Place de la Concorde

Paris September 22nd 1950.

The Honorable

Robert Woods Bliss

2750 Que StreetThe Blisses acquired a house at 2750 Q Street, NW, at 28th Street, N.W., in Georgetown, in November 1942.

Washington D.C.


Dear Robert,

I am venturing to give a card addressed to you to Count Lodovico Scotti,Don Lodovico Gallarati Scotti (1923–2013), an Italian aristocrat and lawyer who was Prince of Molfetta after 1966. who is planning to visit the U.S. this Autumn and Winter.

Lodovico is a son of Duke Gallarati Scotti,Don Fulco Tommaso Gallarati Scotti (1878–1966), an Italian aristocrat, diplomat, and writer who was Prince of Molfetta. Gallarati Scotti was the Italian ambassador to Spain (1945–1946) and to London (1946–1951). who is at present Italian Ambassador in London, and is a very good friend of ours. The family, as you no doubt know, is an exceedingly ancient and distinguished one, of Milan. The Duke’s record, both in opposition to MussoliniBenito Mussolini (1883–1945), Italian politician, leader of the National Fascist Party, and ruler of Italy from 1922 until 1943. In 1926, Mussolini seized total power as dictator and ruled Italy as Il Duce (“the leader”) between 1930 and 1943. before the War and to the Nazi and Fascist cause during the War, is a very fine one. Lodovico is at present practicing law in Milan. He is an extremely nice boy, and I think you and Mildred would find him agreeable and interesting. Also, Elisina and I would be very grateful to you for any kindness you might show him.

With much love


R. T.

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