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Urn Terrace

Mouse over the image to see the transformation of the Urn Terrace.

Urn Terrace, looking South, July 2015 (detail)Urn Terrace, looking south (2), 1931 (detail)

Located east of the Orangery, the Urn Terrace is a long, narrow rectangular garden running lengthwise north to south. The size and shape of the terrace is dictated by the proximity of the Beech Terrace on the west and Rose Garden on the east. The space is also bisected unevenly by the staircase that leads from the Orangery to the Rose Garden. The portion south of the stairs remains much the way Beatrix Farrand planted it, with low, simple, straight lines of boxwood plantings and a single teak bench. However, Ruth Havey significantly modified the rest of the terrace.

Read more about the history of the Urn Terrace and view drawings and historic photographs on the Dumbarton Oaks Garden Archives.


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