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This exhibit draws on the expertise of many individuals at Dumbarton Oaks.

This exhibit was prepared by Sarah Burke Cahalan, Jasmine Casart, and Deirdre Moore. Rachel Koroloff and Bridget Gazzo also provided text, on Johann Amman and the horse chestnut respectively.

Megan Cook and Joe Mills provided the photographs of collection materials.

With further thanks to Yota Batsaki, Anatole Tchikine, John Beardsley, Katy Van Arsdale, Sarah Mackowski, Sheila Klos, Linda Lott, Sandra Parker-Provenzano, Deborah Brown, Francisco Lopez, Kathleen Sparkes, Lain Wilson, Sara Taylor, and Sarah Bogart.

Jasmine, Sarah, and Deirdre in the Rare Book Reading Room
Jasmine Casart, Sarah Burke Cahalan, and Deirdre Moore